Earth Day happens every year in April.  Yeah! This is a great day not only for some positive thinking, but some positive actions. Thoughts and actions go hand in hand.

Here are some things you might want to do:

– Think grateful thoughts for being alive on this great Earth, which has some many beautiful places to see and to appreciate. Mountains, oceans, forests, rivers, lakes, plains, and just a wealth of beauty all over the place. I currently live in Washington State, where we are not only blessed with great natural beauty – but wonderful clean air too. And lots of moisture! 🙂

– Think grateful thoughts not only about the great physical beauty of the Earth, but all of it’s wonderful creatures and living things that it supports and sustains. You and me, the birds, the ants, the squirrels, the elephants, the cows, the dogs, the butterflies and worms…none of us would be here if the Earth didn’t nourish and support us.

– Do your part to help keep the Earth clean and healthy. Pick up some trash. Put things in the recycle bins. Ride your bike occasionally instead of driving your car. Start washing your clothes in cold water instead of hot to reduce energy consumption. Plant a tree. Buy organic produce (which amounts to voting in support of healthy, sustainable agricultural techniques producing higher quality food.) There are tons of things you can do – large and small – to reduce our impact on the Earth and keep it clean and safe for future generations. Do what you can.

– Smile at people wherever you go and say “Happy Earth Day!” People will smile back when you smile. And they’ll be reminded to be thankful and mindful of our great Earth.

Happy Earth Day!